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If you struggle to come up with ideas for writing multiple articles time after time, besides addressing your writing skills, its probably down to how well you can research your material. That may seem a strange concept, but researching is an art just like writing is, and the only way to get proficient at it is to practice even when you dont want to. Never copy or plagiarize, use anything you find; use it for research paper only, just to get ideas, and get you creative juices flowing. Frankly, with plenty of practice, it shouldnt even occur to you.

Here are some of the best places to research you article writing material:

Study article sites. Study the form of other writers, and see how the professionals write their articles. Many top writers will have their content ghost written for them, but thats not to say they cannot write their own excellent content. Those who are most successful only employ ghost writers after theyre written several hundred of their own articles, then they are better paced to judge the quality of what they receive from their outsourced material.

Search engines and forums provide a first-class source for content. Start a swipe file for yourself, so that you can record the URLs of any useful and interesting posts, comments, or other information you find. I simply copy and paste, then save mine to a word document, so that I can simply go back and study the content whenever I like. An instant, and easily accessible reference library!

Check online to see if there any (free) seminars you could go to. Internet marketing or writing seminars will prove to be another goldmine of information for you. You just have to bear in mind that many of them are simply pitch-festivals, but use them as an article writing research
tool, and take plenty of notes. Theyre excellent venues for meeting like-minded people, and you can come home with more than a few ideas for content.

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